19 Red Flags That You’re In A Toxic Relationship

Are you over your honeymoon phase? Or maybe you just started knowing someone and you want to be cautious about your new relationship? However it is, there are so many many reasons why you are thinking the way you are now. One is you are having second thoughts about your partner because you think the relationship is not working anymore. Two is they are showing some red flags that you’re in a toxic relationship. Third and the last one is you can feel that the sparks and butterflies got replaced with fear or sadness.

Here are the nineteen red flags that you’re in a toxic relationship and how you should take action:

1. Overflowing jealousy

Jealousy is a natural emotion for humans. However, too much of it can be destructive and toxic for any romantic relationship. It gets irritating if you have to deal with it more than usual. Other than that, it has adverse effects on your well being. You will constantly feel that you are not good enough. You will also feel paranoid, and you tend to feel overprotective about your relationship amongst your family and peers.

2.  Possessiveness

In connection with jealousy, this trait is similar to strangulation but emotional rather than physical. The feeling of being entitled to owning someone is never a good thing. Probably in movies, you see them romanticizing this trait. In reality, having a possessive partner makes you feel lonely. You lose your freedom to do what you want, and you get tied up with nothing but yourself and your partner.

However, Borderline Personality Disorder is a mental health condition. It usually appears in close relationships, and it includes feelings of too much jealousy and possessiveness. 

3. Cut off relationships

When you fight over the relationship you have with your family and friends, your partner will force you to choose which relationship you value the most. Sometimes, you lose relationships whether it’s with a close friend or a family member because of your significant other’s pestering. This is one of the red flags that you’re in a toxic relationship.

It is unacceptable when your other half is too selfish about sharing your time and affection with other people. They sabotage your relationships whether it’s casual, professional, and filial just so they could have you all to themselves. 

4. Poor communication

Communication is essential in building a happy relationship because if there’s an absence of it, it becomes the root of all the conflicts and misunderstandings. If your relationship lacks that kind of connection, there is a big chance that this is one of the red flags that you’re in a toxic relationship.

There are a few ways to examine it.

One example is when you don’t talk issues through. Maybe one of you avoids confrontation because you think fighting requires too much drama. However, sweeping dirt under the carpet is never a good sign of a healthy relationship. Never make this as a solution to a problem; it’ll just cause a ton of underlying tension and will end up making your relationship toxic. 

5. Full of lies

Generally, lying is wrong. If you conveniently lie to your partner, it is a sign that you have a dishonest and toxic relationship. Being secretive about little things is equivalent to hiding huge lies. People say that the more you lie, the easier it gets, and the more you’ll do it again.

In any relationship, lying will affect trust and create a toxic environment. Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship, and without it, everything you tried to build in your relationship will quickly fall apart.

6. Holding grudges

Sometimes resentment lasts for years. Eventually, poor behaviors will contribute to the enormous pile of grudges you have. You or your partner could be living with the feeling of anger against each other. That resentment will make your relationship crumble and toxic.

Keeping a score of mistakes will never take you to the right places. Forgiveness is a crucial point of a happy relationship, but always remember to not let your partner abuse your ability to forgive.

7. Disrespect

Mutual respect is one of the base footings of a healthy relationship. If your partner lacks respect for you as a person, you might already be in a toxic relationship that will only get worse over time. There is no gender for respect, whether you’re a woman, man, ladyboy, or lesbian. You don’t deserve all the numerous nagging, below the belt criticisms, and terrible put-downs.

8. Discouragements

Support is one of the benefits you should be getting in an intimate relationship. You get a boost of confidence from the people you love. It is nice to have constructive criticisms from time to time, but when your other half does not offer any form of encouragement and discourages you from doing something you want, then you’re already in a toxic relationship.

Moreover, if he leaves you hanging and you get repeatedly dismissed when you want to vent out your feelings, please reevaluate your relationship.

9. Lost of self-worth

When you’re already full of insecurities because of what you hear from your partner and if you think that you don’t deserve any happiness in life, then you are in danger.

One of the examples is when you find yourself compromising your most valued principle for your partner. Don’t take this the wrong way, compromising for a relationship is normal, but always giving and not receiving any is a toxic relationship red flag.

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You have to value yourself not because of what others think about you, but because of how good you perceive yourself. Stop pleasing other people. Instead, focus on yourself. Please do not feel uncomfortable by treating yourself better.

10. Disregarded needs

In romantic relationships, give and take is a necessary and healthy practice. If this is not present in yours, you will definitely have struggles in making the relationship work.  

You can examine this by analyzing how your partner reacts to the things that are important to you and check how they respond to it. If it’s all criticism, then it’s already an indicator that you’re in a toxic situation.

Another way is when your partner feels a massive sense of entitlement about how easy they can get their wants and needs and they ironically neglect yours. 

11. Bad financial trait

One factor to consider is financial security. It is a good sign if you have compatible money traits. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you both have to have enough money to sustain yourselves. It is how you handle financial tensions.

How your partner carries out problems involving money is crucial. It has chain reactions that make or break your future together.

12. Endless stress

Stress troubles relationships. Due to misunderstandings, you may have constant confrontations and arguments. If you continuously deal with this, it may result in anxiety and develop into a toxic relationship.

If you keep on hoping and praying that your partner will change, that’s already an indicator that you’re not in a healthy and loving relationship. Stress can affect your physical health as well as your emotional well-being. Please take good care of your mental health.

13. Justify wrongdoings 

Because of fear, people tend to resort to justifying the bad behaviors their partners do. This is a toxic trait and it is not supposed to be that way. You need to address the issue head-on rather than tolerating. Your significant other will be incapable of apologizing if you kept on legitimizing their poor manners. Or worse, they would end up taking you for granted.

14.  Double standard

Double standards in relationships happen when one partner has these specific rules, but they consider themselves an exception to those. It’s hypocrisy on another level. It ranges from the way you dress to sexual preferences. Many people have fallen victim to this toxic relationship red flag.

They constantly push these so-called rules to you and then provide excuses for themselves because of their gender. It is an unfair treatment that you should not settle with whether you are a man, woman, or a ladyboy dating someone.

15. Threats and scares

Intimate relationships should consist of love and affection. However, if yours go by threats and scares, please reevaluate the relationship at once because this is a big toxic relationship red flag.

A toxic person can manipulate you with suicidal threats or tell you hurtful things such as, “I will find someone better,” “You’re useless, I can replace you anytime,” or “You will never find someone like me.” 

16. Losing temper over petty things

Tantrums are a natural thing to humans. However, obsessing over everything, even the little things again and again is too much for anyone to handle. Being extremely moody makes anyone controlling and can bring up possessiveness.

Making unreasonable demands affect your partner and your entire relationship as well because this is a toxic trait.

17.  Overly negative attitude

Negativity ruins any type of relationship. Having a bad attitude in a relationship means that you’ll also have a hard time maintaining it.

When your partner always screams and yells at you when they’re angry, it affects your self-worth. Analyze how your significant other communicates with you when they’re mad. This alone can help determine your bright future together.

Getting angry is normal, everyone gets to feel that. But if lashing out and screaming insults is a sight of a toxic trait that you should definitely avoid.

18. Blurry perception of the future together

It’s never been a requirement for anyone to enter a relationship with someone and have the whole future planned out. It is because it depends on the level of maturity of the bond you and your partner have.

However, if you are on that right stage and do not see yourself and your partner ending together, why are you still staying in that relationship that you are doubtful about? You should be honest to yourself and to your partner about how you feel.

19. Physical Abuse

To put it out there, any relationship that involves physical violence is too toxic and must have no chances of getting fixed. If your partner physically abuses you, please don’t have second thoughts of leaving them. Call for help because above all the red flags that you’re in a toxic relationship, this one is the deadliest. Always remember that your mental and physical safety should be your priority.


If you got a couple or five ticks from the list above, you must evaluate your relationship right away. Dating for Ladyboys may have some challenges, but no one deserves to stay in a relationship that’s toxic and mentally draining. You deserve someone that loves, respects, and cares for you. 

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