TrulyLadyboy Features and How To Use Them

Internet dating has its fair share of pros and cons. But in this day and age, most would agree that it does bring convenience to millions of users worldwide. Rather than going out and meeting new people the traditional way, anyone could log in to their phones and meet singles near them. What's better is they can even meet people from halfway across the world.

Unlike other dating sites and apps, TrulyLadyboy doesn’t only focus on connecting Ladyboys and modest guys. They make sure that sincere dating and romantic relationships are built as everybody deserves happiness with a loving partner and to be respected.


Getting your crush’s attention shouldn’t always start with a conversation. One way to grab it is through Interest.

trulyladyboy interest feature

To do that, go to their profile and click/tap Show Interest under their profile photo. You can view all your incoming and outgoing interests on the Interests page located at the top menu.


When you have too many crushes at the same time, it might be challenging to remember them one by one. With Favorites, you could save their profiles on a list and get rid of the hassle of looking for them again.

trulyladyboy favorites feature

To do so, go to their profile and click/tap Add Favorite under their profile photo. You can view your favorites list by clicking on Favorites located at the top menu.

Browse & Search Profiles

Depending on your mood or personality, you can either look for matches via the browse page or using the advanced search feature.

trulyladyboy browse and advanced search feature

If you want to look for specific profiles that fall under a set of required preferences, click/tap Filter or the Filter icon. Then, enter your match requirements. Once done, click/tap Update results.

Share Photos

Sharing your photos is not only a great way to spice up your profile, but also make your admirers have a glimpse of your personal life.

Click/tap Manage Photo on your profile. Next, select an album and choose between Add Photo or Take a Photo. If you like, you can also add a caption to each photo to make it look more personal.

trulyladyboy photo sharing and upload photo feature

Once you’ve uploaded, your photo will have to undergo a review process to assess quality and accuracy. A notification will be sent via email whether or not your photo(s) is approved or not.

Instant Messaging & Video Chat

One of the essentials of a successful relationship is healthy communication. With international dating, a secure chatting feature for a dating site is a must. On TrulyLadyboy, there’s instant messaging, video chat, and more in store for a full dating experience.

trulyladyboy video call feature

To do so, go to a user’s profile and click/tap Send Message under their profile photo to open a private conversation. Once done, feel free to chat with your crush. If they’re currently online, invite them to a video chat. That will surely bring you closer than ever.

Profile Verification

Keeping your information safe is always the number one priority. Making sure that everyone is legit is a close second. Several layers of verification process were put in place to protect yourself and other TrulyLadyboy members from any scams.

photo of verified male and female profiles

Facebook Verification

Please follow these steps to verify your account with Facebook:

  1. Go to your Profile Settings.
  2. On Verification, select Verify With Facebook to connect your account.
  3. Once successful, wait for the Facebook verified badge to show on your profile.

Phone Verification

Please follow these steps to verify your account via SMS:

  1. Go to your Profile Settings.
  2. On Verification, enter your mobile number under Verify via SMS to get your verification code.
  3. Enter the verification code. Then, wait for the SMS verified badge to show on your profile.

Camera Verification

Please follow these steps to verify your account via Camera:

  1. Go to your Profile Settings.
  2. On Verification under Verify with Camera, take a photo of yourself under specific instructions.
  3. Once the photo is verified by the team, wait for the Camera verified badge to show on your profile.

ID Verification

Please follow these steps to verify your account with your ID:

  1. Go to your Profile Settings.
  2. On Verification under Take A Photo Of My ID, send a photo of any legal identification card.
  3. Once verified, wait for the ID verified badge to show on your profile.


International dating comes with communication barriers. That's why the messaging feature is equipped with a powerful translation tool. So if ever your match doesn’t speak the same language as you, you can still create a relationship with the help of an all-around translation feature.

trulyladyboy translated profile and chat messages

To activate, go to your Account Setting. On Translations, set your preferred language and turn on the auto-translate toggle.

Personality & Relationship Questions

Do you know yourself as much as you want your future partner to be? With the Personality and Relationship questions, you get to discover more about yourself while sharing your insights about random topics to your potential matches.

trulyladyboy personality and relationship questions

To do this, go to your Profile Settings and pick with one you want to answer. Either Personality Test or Questions. Answer the questions as honestly as you can to get accurate results about your personality.

Once you’ve completed the test, you will receive your Personality Results immediately on the site and via email. Along with that, a Personality or Questions badge will also appear on your profile.

TrulyLadyboy has a goal of being a bridge to love and breaking stereotypes. As a dating site for Ladyboys, this is to help Trans women and sincere men be free to date whoever they want without societal barriers, judgement, and clichés. Be a part of a great dating experience formulated by professionals with almost 10 years of experience.