What You Need to Know About Filipino Ladyboy Dating

When you visit the “Pearl of the Orients Seas,” there is a high probability of spotting a ladyboy anywhere. You can see them in malls or on the beaches. The Philippines is the second to Thailand that has the most number of ladyboys in Asia. So, if you’re interested in Filipino ladyboy dating, the Philippines is a must-visit.

Ladyboys in the Philippines may be referred to as transgender, transsexuals, and sometimes coss-dressers. You can sometimes get confused by Pinay ladyboys with biological Filipina women. They are usually just as beautiful and feminine. 

What do ladyboys look like in the Philippines, you ask? Because of the colonization of Spaniards and the United States, plenty of them does not have the same features as the other neighboring countries. They have fair to dark yellow-toned skin complexions and can have curly, wavy, or straight hair.

How to Meet Ladyboys in the Philippines

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Dating ladyboys in the Philippines still has an inconsiderable amount of stigma. The most significant factor could be that the Philippines has a huge percentage of roman catholic believers. They are guided by religious beliefs. However, that doesn’t stop ladyboys from coming out and even going to church. Also, many people are still unaware of how amazing trans love can be. 

Since some of the country’s men have issues when it comes to dating a ladyboy, that is where online dating comes up to help. Many of them opt to date and meet foreign men on online dating sites to find their soulmates. They know that gentlemen from foreign countries are sincere and respectful when dating a ladyboy from the Philippines. 

If you are on a quest to find a ladyboy lover from the Philippines, TrulyLadyboy.com is your best choice. It is made to connect singles from all over the world. Also, it provides you with excellent and high-technology online dating features. 

Plus, it also values you by giving you a safe ground to meet ladyboys and transwomen. Once you sign up, you will feel respected and empowered with the atmosphere that TrulyLadyboy.com offers you. Don’t hesitate to click on the sign-up option to meet the love of your life. 

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Exploring The Philippines 

As mentioned, the Philippines is one of the countries in Asia with the most ladyboys. In that case, you shouldn’t miss out on visiting it without the intent of finding your true love. Meeting a ladyboy won’t be a struggle in the middle of the picturesque beaches and the busy city streets. 

If you are more on the adventurous side and want to see Pinay trans and ladyboys for yourself, here are the best places to meet ladyboys in the Philippines:


When you go shopping in Cebu’s biggest malls, you’re sure to see at least one ladyboy. That is how big the population of trans-Pinay in Cebu is. There are many business establishments in the city, and that is why many people, including ladyboys from other provinces, move to Cebu. 

Besides seeing one in malls, there are other places to meet ladyboys in Cebu. You can go on a wild night by going to bars and nightclubs along Mango Avenue. It is located in the middle of the city where there are various places you can go clubbing and parting at the same time meet a ladyboy.

Since Cebu is in the tropical country of the Philippines, you could also try exploring its beautiful beaches to meet ladyboys. You can expect to see one while strolling on the white sand of Cebu’s fantastic beach resorts. 

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Boracay is one of the most famous beach destinations in the Philippines. But not everyone knows that it’s one of the best places to meet ladyboys. The small island is surrounded by the whitest grain of sand, so there are a lot of ladyboys who are fond of the place. Like Cebu City, Boracay has the liveliest nightlife because of the bars and clubs that are found everywhere. 


There is no doubt that the Philippines’ capital city is one of the best places to meet a ladyboy. You can’t miss the famous bars and nightclubs along the streets of Malate, Manila. Since it is the busiest city in the entire country, you can see one strolling the streets or in the malls. 

Angeles City 

Having the wildest nightlife in the entire country, Angeles City got the name the “Sin city of the Philippines.” Foreigners from different parts of the world visit Angeles to meet Filipinas as well as trans-Pinays. 

What Does a Filipino Ladyboy Look for In A Guy?

You should know that dating a ladyboy from the Philippines is no different from dating Filipino women. When it comes to Filipino ladyboy dating, they desire a man in their life that will treasure them forever. They are the kind of people who want to take good care of their partners. At the same time, they love it when their man shows the same level of care they give.

Second, they are people who are honest and real when it comes to their sexuality. That being said, honesty is a trait that can get their attention. Plus, they will know if you are truthful or not. They always wish for a long-lasting relationship with a man, so they do not want someone who lies and stab them in the back. 

They want a guy that treats them with respect. In short, they prefer a gentleman that treats them like a queen. However, they are some ladyboys that want a challenge, so they admire someone who is in command in their relationship. 

Furthermore, one of the many things they like in a man is how ready he is to commit to a relationship. They blush when their partners take them out in public without hesitation. Since the Philippines is a family-oriented country, they want someone willing to face their family and friends. 

Lastly, trans Pinays want someone well aware of them as human beings. They want someone who can understand transgender matters. Most especially a man that knows the different types and stages of transgenders. It will be a plus point for them when a guy puts some effort into researching. 

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How does a ladyboy from the Philippines show their love?

Pinay ladyboys do not have a different approach when it comes to romantic relationships. You can assure how loyal and loving they can be. They are like any other “normal” women who can be jealous or trustful. But, one thing is certain is that they know how to show their love towards you. 

When you get to date one, you can see how vocal they will be about the feelings they have for you. They do not hold back when they are in love with you. The “I love you’s” will always come naturally, even on your first dates. 

Bonus tips for Filipino ladyboy dating 

To make sure you succeed at Filipino ladyboy dating, Truly Ladyboy has compiled some of our best tried-and-tested tips:

  • Impress them 

Ladyboys want a man that takes care of themselves. Someone that looks good and smells fresh. Especially on your first date, it is the perfect time to look well-groomed and look cute. So always planned out what attire to wear on your first date days ahead.

  • Don’t be too strict

When dating a Trans-Pinay, it means that you must give them the trust that they need from you. Never make them feel too guarded to the point that they can’t do anything with you. Always let them enjoy the company of their friends. 

Being possessive and obsessive is something that will make them run away. They don’t like someone who is really jealous. Don’t be too suspicious when they come home to you. They will be honest enough to tell you if you have something to be jealous of. 

  • Always be understanding

Being 100% understanding will make them love you more. At the same time, you have to show concern because that is how they know you have interest and care for them. Especially when a misunderstanding is happening, always show how to take care of them even if you are angry. Having too much pride will not give you anything good in any relationship. 

  • Be trustworthy

Don’t hide secrets from them. Like any other woman, Ladyboy in the Philippines wants a relationship that is built with trust as the main foundation. 

  • Be sweet and thoughtful

Always go the extra mile to make you Pinay ladyboy smile. Show them how a gentleman you are. If you are going to treat your trans lover as your queen, they will love and respect you as the king of their life in return. 

  • Be their sunshine 

Pinay Ladyboys wants to be with a man who has a sense of humor or has a positive outlook on life. Never be a negative person that could cloud their happy and pure personalities. Always be someone that will be a cheerleader in their ups and downs moments. 

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