How to Start Ladyboy Dating In Bangkok

Are you looking for a Thai ladyboy? Bangkok should be the first thing that comes to your mind. It is the capital city of Thailand, and it is the number place in the world where you can meet a ladyboy date. So let’s dive into ladyboy dating in Bangkok.

Bangkok is not only known as a wonderful tourist destination; it is also famous for its acceptance of the LGBTQ community. Many transgenders are open about their sexuality, making it the best place to find a ladyboy date. 

The ladyboys in Thailand are treated fairly; they are understood and tolerated by citizens. Thailand is known to be a conservative country, but their culture, religion, and traditions impact all Thai people’s lives, and that includes ladyboys’. 

When you publicly date in Bangkok with a ladyboy, you will still get stares from some citizens. However, that does not mean disapproval; it is more about curiosity. Some popular Thai men are openly dating ladyboys. Rest assured that it is not rare to date Thai transgenders in the country’s capital city. 

Learn More About Bangkok Ladyboys

Katoey or Kathoey

If it is your first time trying out ladyboy dating in Bangkok, you will hear how people call a transgender Katoey or Kathoey. It is the equivalent of the word “ladyboys” in the English Language. Many people from Thailand recognize transgenders, transsexuals, trans women, drag queens, and crossdressers as Katoeys. 

The everyday life of ladyboys 

Katoeys are treated passably in Bangkok. Even though they occasionally received discrimination. They still go about their day like anybody else in the country. Like normal people, they go shopping, meet friends, watch a movie, eat and drink in restaurants, and do touristy things. 

Also, there are a lot of ladyboy university students that do things like any other students. They go on public transportations without anyone raising their eyebrows.

How society perceives ladyboys 

Thailand may appear to be tolerant and open-minded when talking about ladyboys. Unfortunately, a lot of parents do not hope that their son will turn out as one.  There is still discrimination when it comes to ladyboy dating in Bangkok.

Thai ladyboys employment 

Many katoey work in a mainly female occupation like in bars, boutique, hotels, cafes, and market stalls. Most of them are impressively hardworking when it comes to their jobs. They are passionate about the thing they do for a living. There are a lot of showbiz personalities in Bangkok that are ladyboys. Most of them are influential and well-known in the entire country.

Though people already know that many ladyboys are working in bars or nightclubs, there are some in Bangkok that are business owners, too. For this reason, many people see them as confident and independent individuals. 

In the country of Thailand, ladyboys have the chance to get the job title they want. It may not be as smooth as they hope it to be. Nevertheless, in May 2012, a katoey made history by being the first-ever transgender to win a political position in Thailand. 

Another example of Thailand being open to ladyboys is when an airline company hired transexuals as flight attendants in 2011. It aims to be the first airline to have unique and special crew members to make them stand out in the aircraft industry. 

Sex change operation in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand, is a big name in sex-change surgeries. A lot of people from all over the world visit the country to improve their features. That is why many transgenders in Thailand dream of having a sex change operation in the capital city. There are famous clinics that are cheap yet offer high-quality service to help boost the confidence of every transgender. That’s why ladyboy dating in Bangkok is so common.

How to Spot a Ladyboy In Bangkok

Spotting a ladyboy in the busiest city of Thailand can be tough. Several ladyboys have improved their features to look feminine. It may be challenging for foreign men to know and distinguish them when you are traveling to Thailand. So, here are the top points for spotting a ladyboy in Bangkok:

1. Their Voice 

Talking to a ladyboy is the number one tip to help you identify them. Though many of them practice and even go through training to make their voices softer, it can still be apparent in most cases. You can find out when it is their real voice or not. Their voice is distinctly deeper compared to a woman’s voice. Or it is an overly pitched voice that comes from their nasal sound. 

2. The Height 

Biological Thai girls are commonly petite. The average height for Thai women is from 5’2 to 5’4.  Most of them don’t grow taller than 5’6 to 5’8. So if you ladyboys are in the company of other girls, you will immediately notice them. 

3. Their Adam’s Apple 

Of course, you can try to look at the first thing that is physically easy to check: their Adam’s apple. Even though it can be surgically removed, you can still put it on your list since not all ladyboys have gone through the procedure.

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4. Body build

Besides their height, you may notice that ladyboys have broader shoulders, bigger hands, and feet than the Thai biological women. Plus, you can also see when they have narrower hips, thicker veins, straighter wrists, squarer chins, and wider jaws. Though some of them undertake or go through surgical procedures to make their bodies a lot smaller and similar to a woman. 

5. Feminine features and characteristics

Ladyboys are confident individuals who move gracefully and more femininely than other women do. You also check the way they move. You can look at how often they tuck their hair behind their ears or how many times they flick their hair. If it’s more frequent than a real woman, that is a sign that she is a ladyboy. Also, you can see how they walk or sit. Most of them love to sway their hips while walking or like to have a more graceful posture when sitting.

6. Their identification cards

If you truly want to know, you can ask a ladyboy for their IDs. A transgender who has undergone surgery still has an identification of a male in theirs. 

How to Find a Ladyboy in Bangkok 

Since there are a lot of ladyboys in the capital city of Thailand, you can find these beautiful trans ladies almost anywhere in Bangkok. From just walking on the streets, eating in cafes and restaurants, shopping in the malls, attending dance shows and cabarets, and more. To help you cut down the long list, here is a guide for you to find your ideal ladyboy in Bangkok;

Ladyboys in Go-go Bars 

It is a given that the nightlife in Bangkok is amazing. To find a ladyboy date, you can venture and visit all ladyboy go-go bars, which many tourists do. Go-go bars are expected to have higher prices than regular ones. The areas called “Nana Plaza” and “Patpong” are the most famous ones with the most ladyboy bars. 

You should know that you might get overwhelmed by the number of ladyboys in the area. Most of them will pressure and push you to make you choose them as your date. However, you will get amazed by how each one of them respects it when you finally make a choice.

There are many famous bars in Bangkok. One of them is “Obsession,” which is located in Nana plaza. Most of the ladyboys are not too pushy, but it is more expensive than the other bars in the area. Another famous one is the “Cockatoo,” which is situated in the Soi Cowboy area. 

Ladyboys in Regular Bars and Nightclubs 

If you want to be adventurous but you don’t want to spend more money on go-go bars. You can try looking for ladyboys in regular Bars and Nightclubs. A lot of ladyboys still go around and have drinks in these places. Some katoeys work as crew in these establishments, so you wouldn’t know you might find one unexpectedly. 

Ladyboys in Malls 

Malls in Bangkok are also great places to hunt for ladyboys. You can definitely see one once you set foot in any of the malls you choose to go to. The ladyboys in these types of establishments are impressively beautiful and can sometimes be confused as biological girls. One good suggestion is to go to “The Mall Bangkapi.” 

Ladyboys in Massage Places 

Another popular place that foreigners go and see ladyboys in Bangkok is the spa and massage places. Since you are in Thailand, There are a lot of relaxing spas in the city. You just need to find the perfect and safe one that has Ladyboys. 

Fear of Ladyboy Dating in Bangkok 

As a tourist, the risk of being scammed by ladyboys in Bangkok may be prevalent; you just need to be watchful of the people you meet. As much as possible, do not choose a shady nightclub or bar to meet katoeys. Never compromise on your safety. Always think of what is better for you and what keeps you out of harm’s way.

To conclude, the best option is to find a trusted online dating site where you can meet ladyboys from Bangkok with caution. That’s where TrulyLadyboy comes in handy. It has unique security features that protect every single member.  Plus, it is also a safe ground to meet lovely and kind-hearted Bangkok Ladyboy Singles. Explore more about its fantastic high-tech yet user-friendly features. Visit now and get ready to meet your soulmate! 

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