Trans-Oriented Men: Everything You Need to Know

Dating is precarious. One experiences it unaware of what the other individual truly wants out of it. It feels like swimming in the sea with a blindfold on. When it comes to trans dating, the complexity becomes even harder to navigate. For people on the outside looking in, they may equate being a trans-oriented man to being a gay man. However, these people tend to be men who have a difficult time understanding the unique position transgender women are in with regard to their identity.

A trans-oriented man is an individual who finds transgender women attractive and alluring. Trans-attracted men is another common term. Studies have found that straight cis men like both cis women and trans women in equal measure, different from being a gay man where only men catch their attention. That means that if you wind up being drawn into a trans woman, you are unlikely to be a gay man. 

All things considered, you should allow yourself to start a genuine connection with a gorgeous woman, paying little heed to her past, or the sex she was brought into the world with and may appreciate the remarkable advantages of a trans woman. For some, they bring together the most amazing aspect of the universe.

Why Trans-Oriented Men Date Trans Women 

While most people have no problem with transgender people themselves, they may still hold prejudices against straight cisgender individuals attracted to trans women.

Trans-oriented men who date trans ladies can find their sexuality being referred to as the presumption that they may be bi or gay. The equivalent applies to women dating trans men; they frequently end up being named as lesbians or, likewise, bi.

Be that as it may, none of these assumptions are truly valid. If you are a trans-oriented man who is captivated by a trans woman, it is for the reason that you consider her to be a woman and likely nothing else. In the same way, cisgender ladies are generally captivated by trans men since they distinguish them as men, which is where the attraction solely resides.

Dating a trans individual is no different than dating any other people, regardless if they’re trans or not. You should not feel ashamed when dating a trans because, in the first place, love has no rules. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, and other people’s mindset should not be a hindrance to this romance. Everybody accompanies their own set of psychological weight, they have their qualities and shortcomings, and everybody has their stunning peculiarities.

Indeed, there might be a few conversations to face with regards to intimacy, however, it isn’t especially unique between couples of any sexual character. As long as you regard each other with admiration and love, your relationship will stand strong in the long run.

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A Trans-Oriented Man Is Still Straight

Yes. You read that right; a trans-oriented man is still straight if they date a trans woman, unless of course if he states otherwise. 

Regardless of people’s opinion, our body parts don’t have a lot to do with our sexual orientation. So paying little mind to what’s going on in somebody’s jeans, straight individuals are still straight, regardless of whether their partners are trans.

Finding a transgender woman alluring or attractive and being keen on transgender dating doesn’t imply that you must be naturally gay or straight. Being a trans-oriented man only means that they appreciate that individual for who and what they are—a woman. Just because your external body probably doesn’t match up with your internal sexual preference, that doesn’t imply that an individual is automatically gay.

One of the significant reasons that individuals will in general imagine that all transsexual people are gay is the idea that gender and sex are something very similar. Furthermore, that your sex or your sexual organs as they show up on your body, are what decide your gender.

According to Dr. Reece Malone, a person’s gender is an innate or a profound sense of self that pays little heed to our body parts. Individuals can lose a limb because of a disease or injury, in any case, that doesn’t change their sexual personality. At the end of the day, if a man loses his prostate because of malignant growth, also known as prostate cancer, it doesn’t make him a lesser type of man. We are as yet our gender irrespective of the body parts we have or don’t have.

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What do Trans Women Search for in a Man?

You need to treat a trans woman the same way you would any other woman. In any case, for some men, this can be somewhat of an obstacle. Strolling down the road while holding hands, or kissing a trans woman can feel like a mystery they would prefer not to partake openly.

If this impacts you, at that point, you may have to give yourself some searching questions. For instance, would you have a similar issue showing love out in the open with a cisgender lady? If your reaction is ‘no’, at that point you have your answer: if you and your date are genuinely happy and content, then anyone’s opinion shouldn’t make any difference.

The issue for most trans ladies is that they are frequently in the shadows, like a covert partner that is never permitted out into this real world. However, this is equivalent to abuse and, at any rate, is completely disrespectful to the woman you are dating.

If you are a trans-oriented man and you’d feel more secure concealing away your relationship with a trans lady, then you may have to consider whether you ought to date a transwoman by any means.

Things to Consider When Dating a Trans Individual

Just like dating any other person, and all other relationships, dating a trans individual can be as fulfilling and as overwhelming as it seems. Treat trans women as the sexual orientation they identify with.

In case you’re cisgender, gay or straight, trans-oriented, and have wound up in the beginning phases of a relationship with a trans individual, below are some substantial tips that can guide you with keeping things open, genuine, and cherishing.

1. Keep questions to a minimum

Try not to overwhelm the individual with personal questions. Until you choose to dive into the next level and get intimate, asking what your trans date has down their skirt or pants is coarse and strictly out of bounds. On the off chance that things look like they’re going towards intimacy, that discussion is likely to happen naturally. Just respect your trans date and they will respect you likewise.

2. Transitioning is personal

It’s their will and decision to transition. They aren’t attempting to pull the fleece to win over potential partners. Nobody’s attempting to trick any other individual. Trans women decided to transition on their own to carry on with the life of the gender they relate to.

3. Watch what you say

Know the things that you say to a trans person. Remarks like “I would not have known if you hadn’t told me” may sound flattering inside your head however it can come as offensive in reality.

4. Educate yourself

Learn more about the trans community. The web is brimming with data and resources about trans individuals. A date should be fun where two individuals get to know each other and flirt a little bit, instead of being judgmental and finicky. In the event that you have questions, browse the internet, or better yet, if you have trans companions, ask them any inquiries that you may need responses to.

5. Get online

Browse dating sites. If you are hoping to date a trans individual, you can browse the internet and search for trans-centric dating sites. An example is TrulyLadyboy, where users are straightforward as well about their transition. 

In any case, on the off chance that you’re somebody who fetishizes trans women or men, then turn the other way and look somewhere else. By far most of the trans dating sites are for individuals to connect and search for enduring, genuine relationships, rather than wanting someone you consider a one-night stand.


Trans women are attractive to trans-oriented men because they are so unique. As things progress for the LGBTQ+ people and society overall, increasingly straight and cisgender men are ‘exposing’ themselves as trans-oriented men. Always keep in mind that trans-oriented men are not unusual, or strange. 

You are not alone. You are not peculiar. There are online forums on the internet for trans-oriented men. This is where you can talk about your inclination with different folks in a comparable situation. Finding trans ladies beautiful and alluring isn’t abnormal or bizarre, and it is not something to be ashamed of. As long as you are respectful and you value your significant other as a woman, you are not doing anything wrong. Just enjoy your companionship and build a strong relationship together, and trust that you’ll both be genuinely happy!

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