Is It Time to Let Go? Here Are the Signs

Picture this: You’re in a seemingly hopeless relationship, yet you still try to fix it because you’ve been with your dating partner for so long. You may have grown closer to their family or accustomed to living with them. It could also be because you’re staying for memories’ sake. Or, maybe, it truly is right to try and fix it as it’s still salvageable.

While attempting to rescue your relationship is never wrong, it may be time to let go if you’ve kept yourself and your ladyboy partner from being happy for too long.

Telltale Signs That It’s Time to Let Go

Letting someone go is never easy—and shouldn’t be made hastily. How exactly do we know when to let go then? What are the telltale cues?

1. You feel emotionally exhausted around your partner

Do you feel tired instead of energized each time you are with your dating partner? Do you constantly avoid hanging out because being with them drains you too much? Don’t dismiss these glaring signals. Recognize these emotions and evaluate what triggers them.

It can be challenging to realize that your relationship must end—especially when you’ve already invested too much. But, don’t hold on just for memories’ sake or because you’ve been together a long time.

Stay because your relationship is still worth fighting for. Stay because you still look forward to every date night or hangout. 

If your partner drains your energy, it only means their presence no longer excites you, and you’re no longer perfect for each other. It doesn’t necessarily imply they’re not a great person. 

2. You don’t look forward to date nights or hanging out with them

The first unmistakable indication that you should break up with someone is when you no longer feel excited to be with them. If you are dodging every call or message they send, ask yourself why.

It can be discomforting to know the answers for yourself. But, it’s always ideal to face the issue head-on than to wait for it to come crashing right into you—sometimes more than you could manage.

Break the relationship off when you realize you’re ignoring your partner’s calls and messages because you simply don’t want to talk to them. Additionally, it’s time to let go when you’ve consistently reached out to others for help instead of your partner.

3. Your dreams no longer align

Relationships are about dreaming about things you both love. Although it doesn’t have to be exactly similar all the time, your dreams as a couple have to at least align for the fundamental bits of it.

For instance, if your partner still wants to tie the knot or have babies with you without hesitations, that’s a clear sign you’re still on the right track. But, if you feel like they’re only doing it because you like it, you might want to hold off on doing something.

Husband and wife Greg and Erin Smalley discussed this issue in the article “How to Align Your Dreams as a Couple” coherently. They shared that ‘if your partner isn’t fully committed to signing up for something you’ve always dreamt of, then set it aside until you’re both united in the same ideals.’

Truly, that’s a great plan. But, if your partner dismisses every single conversation you try to open about your future as a couple, it might be high time to let go. Of course, only consider this option when they make you feel like planning something together is always off the table.

4. They always have negative things to say about you

Open communication and honesty are essential in a healthy relationship.

It’s nice to hear a genuine comment or constructive criticism about you from your ladyboy partner. But, hearing them too often—more than usual—can be detrimental to your self-worth and confidence.

Don’t stay in a relationship with someone who’s constantly critical of you. End a connection with your dating partner if they’ve made it a habit to criticize you publicly or privately for your appearance, behavior, thoughts, and beliefs.

5. You feel obligated to stay with your partner

There’s a different kind of beauty to feeling wholeheartedly committed to your partner. Committing to sharing life and becoming better together is the plan. But, when you feel obligated instead of genuinely willing and committed, consider why. 

You don’t want to stay out of obligation. It isn’t healthy; you’ll just be unhappy in the long run—unless you already are.

You’d want to be in a relationship where you’re willing to make an effort. You’d like to be with someone you are keen to do everything for because it satisfies your heart and soul to see them happy.

6. You are not yourself

Vulnerability and being emotionally naked around your person are fundamental in a relationship. Hence, your partner is the last human being you’d be ashamed to be unguarded from.

You should feel like you have a partner to give you a nudge or boost your morale when you’re at your lowest. Or have someone you could be completely honest with. This is instead of feeling like you have to handle everything by yourself.

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With this, it’s time to let go if you continuously put on a mask around your partner. If you haven’t truly felt yourself around them, even after years of being together, it should be your cue to part ways.

Stop walking on eggshells, constantly adjusting your pace to accommodate theirs’. Babe, it’s time to let go!

7. You’re unsure if they’re right for you

Getting swept up in love is ‘the dream.’ It’s what we’ve been taught is the standard, the sign that you’re in love. That’s, of course, thanks to our favorite Disney princesses, Barbie movies, and cliched romantic films in the mainstream media.

But, if you’re only holding on to what seems like fleeting emotions, then you’ll find yourself in a bind—those feelings aren’t always accurate! Don’t rush something you’re unsure of. Give your love story some time to blossom or cosmically fail.

To find out if you might be falling in love with your ladyboy partner, look for clues, ask questions, and even pay attention to your body’s physical cues.

A great relationship, something you may have always dreamt of, does not have to be instant or cosmic. It’s sometimes anticlimactic, sure, and calming. Ultimately, you’ll know when the time is right, and your emotions are on the correct path.

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What will you do?

Free and unjudging love is necessary for a successful relationship, but it isn’t enough. There are factors in romantic partnerships more crucial than simply falling in love. Healthy relationships necessitate more than just emotion or lofty passions.

Deciding when it’s time to let go is never an easy feat. You must weigh many things and ultimately determine who to follow: your heart or mind.

Your million-dollar question for today is this: When do you know when it’s time to let go? Truly, there is no absolute timespan to know for sure. But, we’ll tell you this much; when you feel like being alone together is the better option, then it is time to let go. Nonetheless, when you’ve finally decided what to do, do it in a state of peace and certainty.

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