The Basics of Dating A Transgender Woman

The outlook of dating a transgender woman offers a novel set of difficulties that cisgender—somebody whose sexual orientation personality coordinates their natural sex—women don’t need to cope with. But it should not be this way! Dating a transgender woman is just like dating anyone else, and the significance of things is equivalent to that of a non-trans woman. It requires a similar degree of empathy, respect, and love.

Much the same as any other person, transgender women want to be adored and be cherished. Shockingly, trans ladies face great affliction with regards to dating. When it comes to dating in the trans community, there is a lot of room for improvement and more respect. However, there is a more prominent possibility that it turns into a missed chance for connection because people assume that transgender women deserve less. For other people, dating is difficult. But for trans individuals in our community, it’s more challenging in a unique way.

Before hopping on to the dating pool, we have gathered relevant information to acclimate yourself when dating a transgender woman.

Learn The Basics

Something that will make a transgender woman gives you a dirty look or steer clear of you is if you didn’t take a little time to do some research and find that they need to educate you on everything. You may think you understand what a trans individual is. However, if all of your insight came from mainstream media, you may have no clue and not understand it. But it’s not your fault that you don’t know these things.

So Google’s your best friend here! There are many blogs and articles, like this one, about transgender dating and misconceptions, and it’s best if you can learn what you can about transgender women. Make sure to consider resources that are unbiased and not politically charged. Most trans individuals aren’t actually in the state of mind to explain everything when you’re on a date with them.

Be Honest About Your Intentions

It very well might merit your time and energy to ask yourself the genuine reason for needing to do so before you begin dating a trans lady. A ton of men is looking for trans young ladies as an easy ride of intimate experience. However, your trans woman date may want a regular date with you and might not like being treated as your love toy.

So if you’re on a date with a trans lady, skip the presumption that she’s only going out with you to get under your pants! It probably is not very pleasant for her to be continually treated as an intimate object or some piece of meat. In her heart, she’s just like any other woman, hoping to be treated with love and respect.


Ask Them What You’re Comfortable With

This applies to non-trans individuals as well, but it’s imperative not to assume things with regards to trans individuals. In case you’re uncertain, ask them politely about what pronouns (he/him, she/her) they use. Be certain that the person is already comfortable talking with you before you raise the question to them.

Body dysphoria is common in most trans individuals, which means that they have an innate discomfort with some body parts, usually their main and secondary sex attributes. This goes past disliking some parts of their body that might feel totally strange to them. Though keep in mind that the parts that somebody is awkward with will vary from one person to another.

For instance, a transgender woman may feel uncomfortable when you stare at her bosom or would not want you to look at her body parts down below. Transcending these boundaries can easily make the person shut you off. It may be difficult to understand for somebody who doesn’t have this sort of dysphoria, but if the trans person you’re dating says that a specific body part is out of bounds, you need to respect that. You can always try out other new things with them, but if you’re not up to it, you can just tell her truthfully and simply date someone else who has no such protest.

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Value Them As A Person

If you have an intense taste for transgender women or have an unfulfilled dream or some likeness that has to do with them, there’s nothing odd with that! However, this additionally makes it simple to fall into the snare of objectifying your partner.

After all, this trans person doesn’t exist exclusively to date you or give you some satisfaction, so don’t be astounded if they steer clear from you the second they speculate that you’re romanticizing them. Give an extra mile to consider them to be what they are. Just like any other people, they’re individuals with their own needs and plans. They want to be adored and cherished, and at the same time, reciprocate that feeling to someone.

Likewise, with dating any other individual, if you recognize their needs, they are inclined to help fulfill yours. Except if your partner is plotting to objectify you and they have no concern in anything more profound, attempt to become acquainted with them and learn more about them. This will likewise help develop for the next trans person that you’ll be dating.

Acknowledge How Others May See You

Because dating a transgender woman, or any trans individual, is perceived as peculiar to some people, you can’t steer clear from everyone who finds it this way all the time. You have to be ready for the social implications and consequences. These may be least depending on where you reside. For instance, a couple of uninformed people may misconstrue and believe you’re gay if you’re a man who is dating a trans lady. Who cares? Allow them to believe that. Being captivated by a trans person is an essential part of your identity. Have the guts to respect that part of yourself!

However, the consequences could be more grave in certain cultures and traditions around the world. Dating a trans individual in other cultures may put you at almost the same risk of judgment and alienation as the trans individual that you’re dating, and possibly even physical danger. For this situation, you may need to find a way to secure yourself and your partner, and regrettably, this may include a suspicious level of prudence.

Gauge your choices well, but never attempt to blame the trans person you’re dating if other people discover and judge you for it. They’re not at fault here, and they don’t deserve to be discarded!

Know That a Trans Person May Undergo Body Changes

Possibly you like the body of the trans person that you’re dating as it is, and you can’t envision why they would want to change a beautiful body. You may believe that by letting them know you think their body is wonderful, they may choose to give up surgery entirely. How decent! However, this rarely works out. Suppose you’re in a relationship with a transgender woman, and you’re subtly pressuring them not to alter a body that they are awkward with. In that case, you might be unwittingly keeping them from moving toward what is nearer to who they genuinely are.

As mentioned above, most trans individuals have body dysphoria. This implies that the vast majority of them will look to change their bodies somehow. If you have a relationship with them, you have to accept and love them for more than just their body. You have to cherish every part of them that they’re still learning to love. It takes the right man to support and appreciate a transgender woman who wants to be her true self.

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Dating a transgender woman is just like dating anyone else. You don’t need to treat it as something unique or indifferent. You can give them the love that they deserve, and trust that they will reciprocate it twice as much. 

They’re not going to comprehend you better or worse than any other person. It’s not a piece of cake to get into the sack with them. They’re not what you may have assumed they would be. Transgender people are simply people. Remember to treat them with sympathy and kindness as you would any other person. Keep in mind to respect their wants and needs, as well as the things that they are not comfortable with.

If you’re having no luck with dating cisgender people, then why don’t you try something new! Experience dating a transgender woman and you’ll surely have memorable and fun adventures! Don’t let the stereotypes stop you from loving someone genuinely, trans or non-trans. Enjoy and live in the moment!

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