• signs of a breakup

    10 Signs You’re Heading Toward A Breakup

    The majority of us enter romantic relationships with good intentions in mind. In the first few months, we make sure to put our best foot forward, hoping that the relationship will continue to grow and last. We introduce our significant other to our family and friends in the hopes of receiving positive feedback. We also discuss our plans, schedule holidays and adventures together, and master the art of negotiating in a relationship because we believe it all to be worthwhile. And in that fog of commitment, it can be easy to miss the signs of a breakup fast approaching. Many lovers don’t realize how close a breakup might be and…

  • dating a control freak

    10 Signs You’re Dating A Control Freak

    How can someone tell if they’re dating a control freak? Is it in the way they talk? Or perhaps it is in the way they act around you or how they express your feelings? The truth is that there are many ways control freaks exert power over your life, and many signs slip our attention because we don’t think of it as controlling. In this article, we break down all the signs that you’re dating a control freak and offer solutions for what you can do in response. What Is A Control Freak Are you trying to figure out if your partner is a control freak? Before you continue your…

  • what to do if his parents don't like you

    What to Do If His Parents Don’t Like You

    When we commit to our significant other, we have to understand that we are committing to them and the package they bring with them. A partner’s family members are an essential part of a dedicated, long-lasting relationship in most instances. And while we have the option of choosing our significant other, we do not have the option of choosing our blood relatives. So what do you do if his parents don’t like you? Developing a genuine relationship with your significant other’s family can sometimes be challenging for all those involved. Everyone is involved in adapting to a meaningful life change: parents attempt to adjust to a new relationship paradigm with…

  • ghosting

    What to Do If Someone Ghosts You

    Just when you thought you’d met someone special, you’re surprised when one day, they stop replying to your messages and answering your calls. The hurt that comes from it can be shocking, but understanding what has happened can help you heal from the pain. What’s just happened to you is ghosting, and it’s a common experience. What Is Ghosting?  Ghosting means to cut off all communication without explaining why to the person you were talking to. This is a relatively new term that has entered the current vocabulary, borne from the popularity of online dating. But this practice of behavior could have existed long before the world gave a name…

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