• trans-oriented men

    Trans-Oriented Men: Everything You Need to Know

    Dating is precarious. One experiences it unaware of what the other individual truly wants out of it. It feels like swimming in the sea with a blindfold on. When it comes to trans dating, the complexity becomes even harder to navigate. For people on the outside looking in, they may equate being a trans-oriented man to being a gay man. However, these people tend to be men who have a difficult time understanding the unique position transgender women are in with regard to their identity. A trans-oriented man is an individual who finds transgender women attractive and alluring. Trans-attracted men is another common term. Studies have found that straight cis…

  • best transgender dating sites

    How to Use the Best Transgender Dating Sites to Find Love

    Finding love takes time. It’s easy to believe the opposite, considering the existence of the best transgender online dating sites we have ever seen. However, the accessibility and convenience they offer don’t change the fact that the love journey is the same as it was in the past—long, arduous, filled with highs and lows, and requires lots of patience, considering it may take months or even years. Except, this time, we can do it from anywhere in the world. With that said, online dating is much like traditional dating in that it takes effort and a little bit of luck. While we can’t do anything with how lucky or unfortunate…

  • dating a trans woman

    Dating A Trans Woman: Expectations vs Reality

    The contemporary dating scene is much more diverse than in the past. Nowadays, we are met with people from all walks of life, people who may differ not only because of their skin color or size but also their gender and partner preferences, as we see in how common dating a trans woman in becoming. Regardless of the differences between us all, it doesn’t change the fact that we are all human looking for love. Nor will it stop us from falling for people we have yet to understand (or even come close to understanding) fully. Such is the case if we’re attracted to transgender women. The term “transgender” itself…

  • trans woman dating

    The Basics of Dating A Transgender Woman

    The outlook of dating a transgender woman offers a novel set of difficulties that cisgender—somebody whose sexual orientation personality coordinates their natural sex—women don’t need to cope with. But it should not be this way! Dating a transgender woman is just like dating anyone else, and the significance of things is equivalent to that of a non-trans woman. It requires a similar degree of empathy, respect, and love. Much the same as any other person, transgender women want to be adored and be cherished. Shockingly, trans ladies face great affliction with regards to dating. When it comes to dating in the trans community, there is a lot of room for…

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